Friday, January 28, 2011

Skywatch Friday: church sign

The neon tubes on this sign look in tact, but I've never seen this sign lit.  Located on Telegraph Avenue in North Oakland.  You can see the sky remains blue and clear.  In the afternoon, people are walking around in shirt sleeves.  When the sun sets, the cold sets in.  This fair weather is predicted to last another week.  I'll take it.  For more sky shots from around the world, visit Skywatch Friday.


  1. Awhile back I took a day shot of similar neon sign on a homeless shelter here in Santa Rosa. It simply has "Jesus Saves" in the form of a cross. I had ideas of putting it on my blog along with some funny comment in the form of a question. Later on I thought that might not be in such good taste so I let it slide. Some evening I'll go back when it is lit as I'm sure it looks pretty cool at night. I'll refrain from any silliness though.

  2. Looks like the sign has a long and colourful history. It looks good against the sky!

  3. Crisp blue skies beat dull gray any day! I may be old-fashioned this way, but there's something a bit odd to me to see a church sign in neon... :-)

    And yes, a "drive-by shots" meme would be fun... I for one do it rather often, although I don't like to take a photo through glass and seldom do (hence I miss capturing a lot of very interesting sights!)

  4. «Louis» knows 'zackly where this sign is. Like you, he has never seen it lit. Some of the people on the sidewalk below, yes, the sign, never...

    hee hee...The WV is "meters" as if the Google god knows all about Oakland's drive to raise revenues with over-zealous parking meter enforcement...

  5. Great Skywatch shot. We've also got some beautiful weather for a couple more days, before the next arctic front moves in.

  6. We don't have very many signs like this - seems quintessentially American to me.
    That and the bright blue skies.