Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday mural: frutas y verduras

Los Hermanos is located on Fruitvale Avenue in the the Fruitvale District.  Officially, it is called a fruteria y carniceria, but their mural focuses on fruit and vegetables.  It is a bright colored wall that draws attention as you drive up the avenue.  The produce (see the nopales?) and the business's name tell you that this is primarily a latino neighborhood.  It is a vibrant area full of products and services for the people who live here.  The most authentic Mexican and Central American food and cooking ingredients can be found in the Fruitvale.


  1. Very cool! I'd take this photo too.

  2. It has all the appearances that you are down in Mexico on vacation. Don't you wish?

  3. So colorful!
    Hey, is that an avocado? :)

  4. That's a delightful bright mural for the fruit and meat store... on that irregular shaped wall! I can almost see Jack climbing up the beanstalk... :-)

  5. The next one great mural. I love your mural serie.

  6. Hello, Oakland Daily Photo

    Lovely your works, full of JOY!

    Thank you world-wide love.
    and, your encouragement.

    The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend.
    from Japan, ruma ❁

  7. So a colorful house! I like it, lovely work.