Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Bridge Series: bridge of sighs

With the institutional design and the arrow slit windows, what else could this be?  The local jail, of course.  The bridge leads to the Superior Court.  And that pink building in the corner?  That's the well-known Mexicali Rose restaurant.  All on 7th Street.  For more bridge photos, visit «Louis'» Sunday Bridges meme.

This is an automatic post.  I'm traveling and will likely have restricted access to computers to comment on your blogs.  Back in town on October 1.


  1. Large and imposing structure that is well just look outside. AH Ah, ah!

  2. Oh, that would be one bridge I wouldn't want to cross!

  3. Being that it's in Oakland, this is a well-travelled bridge, sad to say...

    «Louis» hopes your trip is off to a good start - and he linked your bridge post.

  4. Great building!
    Elisa from Argentina

  5. My initial reaction was that it looked like a fortress. In a way, it is. Always scary to think of jails in the middle of cities.

    Have a great trip!