Sunday, August 15, 2010

a walk along the shore

Took a stroll along the MLK Shoreline Park late Sunday afternoon.  Despite its proximity to the airport and the 880 freeway, the park was a peaceful retreat.  I shared the park with families enjoying the day, bicyclers, cawing terns, and a huge colony of ground squirrels.  This small area of marshland was restored in 1998 and has been quietly restoring the health of the estuary ever since.


  1. It does look pretty and peaceful. Google had us taking the 880 back into San Francisco from Monterey and then across the Bay Bridge back to the Embarcadero Center. We decided to use the GPS on our fancy new phones and while sitting in line at the toll booth the "lady" said to us "In .3 miles make a U-Turn"!

  2. Isn't it fantastic how Nature does things when given the chance?

  3. Wow, really looks like a place to hang-out & relax. Haven't gone to this place yet & will definitely check it out.