Friday, May 25, 2012

Skywatch Friday: Embarcadero Cove

Welcome to Quinn's Lighthouse which declares it was established in 1890.  Not as a restaurant but as a lighthouse.  Now it's a popular watering hole with an upstairs deck that looks over the estuary. This lighthouse was originally at the mouth of the estuary and was moved to its current location in 1965 and became a restaurant in 1984.  Apparently the restaurant is named after a British writer, Richard Quinn, who inadvertently became a pirate chaser.  And Oakland had a pirate needing chasing named Perilous Pete.  A pirate in Oakland?  Who knew?
This buoy is out in the parking lot and is reserved for "Harley parking only."
On the property is on old school house that serves as the local business office for the other business properties in the complex.  The complex backs up to the the drydock area you've seen in previous posts.
This post is linked to Skywatch Friday.  We're out of town for a few days, so this post is brought to you by the magic of autoposting.


  1. It seems like a great place to relax from everyday life !

  2. But don't you have any de facto pirates now? maybe they're just posers.

  3. I guess there is a lovely view! !

  4. Makes Oakland sound like it had a more colorful (and possibly dangerous) past.

    I just love it when old buildings get preserved, even if the use is very different. The school house is so cute!

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