Monday, April 26, 2010

the Print Shop

When I saw this sign I thought I had fallen into a time warp.  Doesn't this shout 1960s to you?  The amazing thing is that the business is still there.  This sign is located on San Pablo Avenue and about 27th Street.  I worked very near here for years and never saw it before.  As the razor wire indicates, this an edgy neighborhood, especially at night.  Like most of the city, it is also home to families, churches, schools, and businesses that want the best for each other. 


  1. «Louis» knows exactly where this is! Indeed, you see that sign and suddenly, it's 1965! (Which reminds «Louis» of the 1957 Plymouth ads..."Suddenly, it's 1960!") Yes, the neighborhood is edgy. It is curious how all of Oakland seems to have gotten more edgy with Dellums as mayor while it was turning away from its edginess when Jerry Brown was mayor.

  2. Well, you would expect a print shop to have snazzy graphics. Very nice view of it here and it makes me - almost - feel young again. I bet there's a group on Flickr that collects these. It reminds me of similar places - a car wash on S. La Cienega in LA (LA has more than its share), the Goodwill store in Beatrice, Nebraska or the statue of Superman in Metropolis, Illinois (which is really out in the sticks). They are around if we open our eyes.

  3. The shade of green is also from an old era!!