Thursday, June 10, 2010

sky lights

Walking the shoreline is always interesting.  I remembered to look up and this time paid attention to the container yard lights.  The design looks like something out of the Jetsons.  I think they look like hovering scouts from the Mother Ship. 


  1. Or they look like they'd serve quite well as home to some giant bird nests!

  2. They make me think of futuristic sunflowers trying to break through the clouds. Great skyshot!

  3. «Louis» has a news flash for you:
    They ARE hovering scouts from the Mother Ship. They are calculating how to best deposit Governor Moonbeam back in Sacramento, seeing if there might be a useful tool for them there in the Oakland shipyards...

    «Louis» knows that rumor is true because he started it himself...


  4. They are calling us all up to the amazing sky! Love the details in the air and on the ground.

  5. I like this photo. The lights seem to be holding the clouds up.