Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ABC Wednesday: I is for Ice Center

Ice skating in Oakland?  Go figure!  The Oakland Ice Center opened in 1995 amid a fair amount of controversy about the economic wisdom of the city funding this project.  The hope was that the rink would help change the sketchy feel of the neighborhood.  Can't say that it was a complete success either environmentally or economically.  The ice center is now managed by the NHL Sharks corporation and offers two rinks, one for skating and one for league hockey.  The rates remain reasonable and the Yelp reviews are positive.  I've never been inside but I like the murals that decorate the building.  I've also seen plenty of 20-somethings walking in with their gear and hockey sticks.  They must be Canadians.  For more "I" photos from around the world, visit ABC Wednesday.

This is an automatic post.  I'm traveling and will likely have restricted access to computers to comment on your blogs.  Back in town on October 1.


  1. I can not ice skate - I can fall over and slide along but I don't like to show off! lol!

    ABC Team

  2. Hi - posted this to the ABCW link, as we agreed.

    I don't DO ice sports myself, but it looks nice.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Nice that Oakland is offering some alternative sports venues.

  4. Still can't figure out what to say about "must be Canadians" because I'm laughing too hard.
    Alberta, Canada

  5. I like that the city took a risk but (in my experience)it involves mostly falling down. I'd probably rather play tennis. PS Hope your vacation Italia is going well. Buon appetito!