Friday, April 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday: East Oakland church

One of many small churches that line International Blvd. in East Oakland.  I've always been fascinated by these humble expressions of faith.  For Skywatch Friday you can see we have cloudy skies but little rain.   The sun is expected to shine brightly this afternoon.


  1. the best singing comes from store front churches in the poor part of town!

    Comfort Spiral




  2. Good post for Easter weekend, but even as a practising Christian I sometimes wonder if there is more pride than humility behind the proliferation of small churches.

  3. The bright blue sky above the sign emphasizes the resurrection...


    I wonder why
    Some love the sky
    But not the wind and rain.

    I wonder, friend,
    If sky will end—
    It’s too much for my brain!

    © by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tree Folk & Sky

  4. Dear friend, come to you and your family's wishes for a happy and peaceful Easter,ad maiora Elettra!

  5. why have you always been fascinated?

  6. And Happy Easter to you, too. Interesting observation on my blog today. Isn't it odd how we know nothing about most fellow bloggers? There are one or two I don't know if male or female, many I don't know if young or old, single or married, and nothing about their "real" life. For a couple of years I guessed Clueless in Boston was female until he changed his profile picture and stunned me. All most know about me is that I have at least half of a head.

  7. Nice image. The light and shadow are balanced so well. We'd like some of that sun. We got more and more rain. The Mississippi is inches from flood stage. I'll have some pix on the blog in the next couple of days.