Friday, February 3, 2012

Skywatch Friday: Chapel of Memories

Here's a longer shot of the Chapel of Memories featured in Tuesday's post.  It's been cloudy in the morning and late afternoon, but rarely any rain.  Our annual average to date is usually 13 inches; so far all we've had is 5.  We all like the fair weather, but there's also an undercurrent of fear of another drought.  For more sky shots and weather comments, visit Skywatch Friday.


  1. The light in this shot is gorgeous!

  2. although the weather was not good've got a nice photo!

  3. Beautiful chapel. The clouds in the sky adds to the beauty of the image.

    Greetings from the blog

  4. Was just looking at this and at your post from Tuesday... seems to be a fairly amazing place. I've never seen an indoor columbarium before. There is a large area in Père Lachaise where ashes can be placed, but out doors, though under protective covering... will have to post some photos of it to offer another perspective on the subject. But these niches under glass are very intriguing.

  5. The darker tones of the sky make the light yellow of the building "pop."
    Nice contrast.

    Indeed, the lack of rain is a growing concern.

  6. lovely light and shadows. the dark clouds is a great background.

    1. Sounds as if you had hopes of those clouds. It's been dry here too. We complain about the rain but are uneasy when we don't have it.