Saturday, November 17, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I visited the inauguration at Manifesto Bicycles of Oakland's second permanent parklet.  The parklet movement is big in Oakland and San Francisco.  It essentially creates permanent mini public seating bumped out into what had been a parking spot.  This one had succulents planted behind the seating and a shaved tree limb reaching from the seats out to the sidewalk.  A band played and a neighboring brew pub offered libations.  Even the mayor showed up.  visit Our Oakland for a slideshow of the event.


  1. at first i thought that tree limb was some kind of tentacle or something, very cool!

  2. If I am looking at this correctly that metal bar is the edge of the curb and the limb is in the path of the sidewalk and one must walk around it? Seems odd.

  3. Hey great idea Oakland! Yes the limb is slightly awkward but maybe it adds to the overall whimsical schematic