Thursday, January 3, 2013

end of the season

Strolling through Mt. View Cemetery last week, I spied a number of graves decorated with Christmas trees.  I was both surprised and touched by the gesture.  Families continue to miss those who have died and want to share, as best they can, this season with their loved ones.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Interesting photo. This is not allowed in most cemeteries here because of general maintenance. We are only allowed to place flowers at grave site for certain holidays and then they must be removed in a week or two. Personally, I rarely go to the cemetery to my parent's graves because I feel that I carry them with me always in my heart and they are not at the cemetery....


  2. I've not seen this either, but there are plenty of poinsettias on gravesites.

  3. First time I've see that..I guess it makes sense if Christmas has especially deep emotional roots

  4. This is certainly new to me. It makes me feel like a cheapskate. I don't leave Christmas trees at graves.

  5. Don't think I have ever seen that before.