Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ideal Cleaners

This vintage sign is on 14th Street.  Amazingly, Ideal is still in business at its original site.  The iron gate signifies "closed on Sunday."  One of these days I'll drive by at night to see if the neon works.

Out of town again for several days. 


  1. That is an old-timer. If they ever have a problem with the neon, it will cost a fortune to get it fixed.

  2. Amazing indeed, must be a great dry cleaner to still be in business. Love, love, love their sign

  3. Wow some true artistry in that sign! Looks very art deco and theater marquee-ish. Have to look for that on next drive up. By the way sorry delayed response on mural page. PS Yesterday I posted and dashed to work without leaving a comment ..so delayed response. Sorry!