Friday, August 2, 2013

The old Parkway Theater

The old Parkway Theater on Park Blvd. was a popular place for second run movies.  It was known for cheap tickets, casual seating using sofas and loveseats, pizzas and beer, and family night for families with small children and infants.  The story I heard is that the landlord raised the rent, the theater couldn't afford it, and the operation shut down.  The theater has been empty since 2009.  A new Parkway later opened in a neighboring town and now the new, new Parkway has just opened in Oakland's Uptown area.  Sofas and loveseats--check.  Pizza and beer--check.  You decide how much to pay for the tickets--whoa!


  1. Love to take in an old black and white there. Top Hat?

  2. I love. the mirror image the sign creates. So much for the effectiveness of raising the rent. But decide your own ticket price? They must get a really good mark-up on the pizza.

    We have something like this in the auditorium of a former Masonic temple. It has a bowling alley, too.

  3. Did I read that right? You set your own price for a ticket?! I'd have no idea.

  4. How great that it is open again. We have a small theater in Mobile that serves wine and comfortable "living room" seating. They recently had to change to a digital format (for film releases) and there was enormous support in the community. Last year I saw Omar Sy and François Cluzet in "Intouchables" and other foreign films there. It opens up possibilities and options to see more than what Hollywood is promoting.


  5. Raising rents is becoming a major problem here. According to the new legislation landlords are now asking fortunes and places remain empty. What's the point? Everyone seems to loose.