Friday, March 14, 2014

Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai is a reform synagogue located on the edge of the Uptown area.  The congregation was established in the late 1880s after European Jews settled in the area subsequent to the Gold Rush.  This building was built in 1910 and proudly sits on the corner of Webster and 28th Street.  The most recent rains did not appear and we are now doomed to sunny skies for at least another week.  In the meantime, trees are leafing out and spring blooms are everywhere.  Linking to Skywatch Friday.


  1. That's a beautiful building. Has a nice golden glow. Interesting history!

  2. Wow. I just hope there are enough worshipers to fill it on Shabbatot.

  3. Reminds me of the buildings in the best architect of all time, Andrea Palladio ...
    Here the trees have blossomed over a fortnight ago. Patience, soon at that latitude
    reach its petals of orange blossom ...
    [ I hope you understand ]
    Health and Freedom :)´

    Me recuerda a los edificios del mejor arquitecto de todos los tiempos, Andrea Palladio...
    Por aquí los árboles ya han florecido hace más de quince días. Paciencia, pronto en esa latitud
    llegarán sus pétalos de azahar...
    Salud y Libertad :)´

  4. Funny to see all that classical styles of different periods in one building. But that is just the style around 1900.

  5. Wow... that is a beautiful building!

  6. Beautiful. And look at that brilliant blue sky.

  7. This building is a beauty.

    It sure does seem odd to commiserate when rains are missed and you are stuck with blue skies.

  8. The architecture is quite imposing but also fantastic. The light is just wonderful! So glad to hear that Spring has arrived there!

  9. Looks a lot like an orthodox church.