Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monday Mural: totem pole mural

This totem pole is behind Rock, Paper, Scissors, an art collective in Uptown.  It is a recent addition to this mural and is tucked into a small space at the top of a ramp.  I thought it was too cool to be sitting among trash cans and refuse.  Unfortunately, I didn't see a signature.

Welcome to Monday Mural:  if you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme's for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  You decide what constitutes a mural.  Once you start looking, you find them everywhere.  Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters.  Looking forward to the mural finds posted this week.

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I'll be out of town for a most of the week so will be unable to leave comments until later.


  1. It deserves certainly a better place than between the trash, It i painted very good.

  2. I like your totem very much ODP. I'm wondering if it could be by a street artist called PHIBS, only because we have something in a very similar style here in Perth.
    p.s. sorry I'm always so late to link up, when I post it's still Sunday here in Perth :) and I sometimes forget until later in the day that I haven't linked :)

  3. Nice one! I like both the colours and design of this one.
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. Love this one. The eyes are really nice!

  5. Ich bin das erste Mal dabei,
    eine tolle Aktion.
    Jutta aus Germany