Wednesday, January 21, 2015

veiled view

I don't know who was more surprised---them at being photographed or me never expecting to see veiled women in West Oakland.  Cultural diversity in Oakland is something we're proud of; seeing these women walking on Mandela Parkway taught me that our diversity is greater than I realized.


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    1. La universalidad social o cultural no debería ser freno alguno para la convivencia.
      Lo malo es que los prejuicios de poder y la ignorancia, así como el miedo a no ostentar el poder, hace que muchos, con armas en las manos, propongan y los antepongan a los demás por su propio capricho.
      La ciudad donde vives es muy fantástica. Su luz, solar, es para los artistas, en general, estupenda. Y ver caminado a esas personas con velo hace ver su tranquilidad. Ojalá fuera así todos los días.
      [Aunque sigo pensando que las interpretaciones interesadas y erróneas de ciertos libros sólo conducen a presiones y sometimientos innecesarios. Impropios]
      Un saludo transatlántico.
      [Este texto, para que lo pudieras comprender bien, no sé cómo traducirlo. Lo siento]
      [Si alguien sabe cómo, lo puede hacer. Gracias]

      Social or cultural universality should not be any obstacle to coexistence.
      The downside is that the prejudices of power and ignorance and fear of not having power, makes many with arms in their hands, and propose precedence over others for their own whim.
      The city where you live is very fantastic. Its light, solar, is for artists generally great. And see those people walked veiled does see its tranquility. I wish it was like this every day.
      [Although I still think that interested and erroneous interpretations of certain books only lead to unnecessary pressures and submissions. unfit]
      A transatlantic greeting.
      [This text so you could understand well, do not know how to translate it. Sorry]
      [If anyone knows how I can do. Thank You]

  2. I'm not sure if the ladies are happy ODP :) it's a super candid shot.

  3. We have one of the largest Somali communities in the United States. I am AMAZED that you got a photo of them; it is a real no-no here.

  4. Great shot. I can't imagine having to wear a veil all the time...

  5. You were surprised and they were probably nervous why you're making picture of them. I also live in a place with such diversity.