Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monday Mural: Korean heroine

This massive mural is on the long wall of Ohgane Korean restaurant on Broadway.  Artist Dave Youngkim handily tells us the story:  As a 16-year old EWHA student, Yu Gwan Sun organized a rally after the March 1, 1919 protest that led to nationwide demonstration in Korea against foreign occupation.  To signal the start for those gathered around the pagoda that day, Yu lit a bonfire on a mountain.  A tiger approached her, and instead of consuming her, looked on her and left--a symbol of blessing.  Though soldiers killed her parents, and she died in prison, her heart for freedom lives on. The mural is triple the size I'm showing you and conveys the dignity and respect afforded her by her people.

Welcome to Monday Mural:  if you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme's for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  You decide what constitutes a mural.  Once you start looking, you find them everywhere.  Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters.  Looking forward your mural finds posted this week.  Google+ users, please configure your post so we all can leave a comment.  Thanks.  I'll be gone for a few weeks and won't be able to leave comments, but the Linky will go up (fingers crossed) every Sunday evening.  Cheerio.

 “ Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  Plato


  1. I will have to show this to my Korean daughter-in-law. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Thank you! I didn't know the story behind this mural, though I see it whenever I go up Broadway.

  3. Nice one! Mine posts at midnight Hawaiian Time

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    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  4. The mural is spectacular and the story is very beautiful/touching also.
    Thank you for hosting.
    If it is not too much to ask, will it be possible to tweak the Linky Tool setup, so one can enter from a phone or a tablet, where one can enter a link to the image in a current post?
    I have trouble getting the icon/photo thingy to work right. May be I am not doing it right - not sure!
    Your attention to this matter is much appreciated!
    Have a Great Week!!
    Peace :)

  5. I enjoyed the story behind the mural.

  6. A bit of history with which I was not familiar. I like the mural.

  7. Splendid mural, and it is always good to learn the background of factual/historical themes depicted.
    Thanks for hosting.

  8. Gosh that's quite a story to this mural ODP, fantastic..

  9. Gosh that's quite a story to this mural ODP, fantastic..