Wednesday, August 12, 2015

connection to the airport

It's now possible to take BART all the way to the airport.  Here's the driverless three-car train that runs on an elevated track between the regular BART station and the airport.  Previously the trip was made by bus.  The system broke down several times in the first month but now seems to be running smoothly.  It's a quick and easy ride that drops you off in front of Terminal 1.  Pretty cool and it only cost a smidge more than a half billion dollars to build.  Yep, that's with a B.


  1. It would be neat for you to come back a year from now and take the same picture just to see the wear and such the cars took over that time.

  2. A driverless car - how cool! Yeah I also wonder how it'll turn out later. Maybe there'll be more of them as it is going to be popular amongst travellers if that is that convenient.

  3. Driverless- that makes one wonder about the safety!

  4. I would like to applaud this, but the B is making me gasp.

  5. Hopefully lots of people ride it to make the dollars worthwhile.
    I am sure the dollars will workout in the long run.
    I like public transport, especially ones that are well-run.
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  6. not sure about driverless systems - you need someone in there in case of emergency