Sunday, December 27, 2015

Monday Mural: Oakland's very own

This mural is hot off the presses, so to speak, and was made by Hector "Hex" Rios, a street artist with roots in LA.  It's gone up in the last week or so, which means a lot of the work was done during successive days of rain.  The composition highlights famous people associated with Oakland.  Perfect for a business called Oakland's Very Own.  Can you identify them all?

Welcome to Monday Mural: if you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme's for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  You decide what constitutes a mural.  Once you start looking, you find them everywhere.  Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters. Looking forward your mural finds posted this week.  Google+ users, please configure your post so we all can leave a comment.

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  1. Nice Black and White with the hints of green.

  2. The people I don't recognize but it is a very nice mural, zo well painted. Btw the link isn't working today. I will try later one again.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep. Attended a local high school where he first got bitten by the acting bug.

  4. I'm not good at recognizing folks but I think this is a lovely mural and tribute.

  5. It's a good one - I recognize most of them but not them all!

  6. The basketball player made me think of reading in the news this morning that Meadowlark Lemon (Harlem Globetrotters) passed away this weekend. Glad I got to watch him play. Funny and great at the same time.

  7. That's a great mural. I can identify 4 of the 6, but not sure of 2 of them. Have a Happy New Year!