Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monday Mural: Doty bird

This bird by Doty adorns a corrugated roll-up window at The Layover, a bar/performance space/gallery.  The owner was about to roll up the window, but let me sneak in a shot before he did.  Doty has many styles but his animals are my favorite.  They always look angry and a little dangerous.

Welcome to Monday Mural.  If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme's for you; just follow the Linky steps below.  You decide what constitutes a mural.  Once you start looking, you find them everywhere.  Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters.  Looking forward to your mural finds posted this week.  Google+ users, please configure your post so we all can leave a comment.  Thanks.  I'll be gone for a few weeks and won't be able to leave comments on your posts.  The meme will still go up weekly via auto-posting.

“ Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  Rev. John Watson