Thursday, August 12, 2010

blues in Oakland

I was downtown late in the afternoon taking pictures when I heard rhythm and blues coming from somewhere.  I followed the sound to City Hall where the East Bay Blues Society Caravan of All Stars was playing.  I assume they were there to advertise the 10th Art & Soul Festival happening this weekend.  Teddy Watson was called up from the audience to sing.  He slowly walked to the stage aided by his cane.  Once he got there, he put down the cane, performed some bluesy dance moves and then sang his heart out.  Still the showman.  The audience loved it.  Bravo.
The small crowd sits in the mini-amphitheater in front of City Hall.  The official Oakland oak tree is in the background.  I stayed until the fog and chilly air sent me home.


  1. How nice to see the whole show on the road

  2. What a wonderful surprise. Its such a pleasure to listen to a live band. Especially one as colorful as they are.