Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Bridge Series: a river (of paperwork) runs through it

A pedestrian bridge joins the two towers of the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building.  Dellums is our former congressman and current mayor.  It has over a million square feet of office space, houses over 2000 workers, and was built to be as energy efficient as possible for the times.  It was a welcome addition to the skyline when built in 1993 and is easily spotted from afar.  It anchors a complex of government and private business office space collectively called City Center.  For a wide array of other bridges, visit «Louis'» meme Sunday Bridges.  Better yet, post a bridge of your own.


  1. Loving the colors here. Nice contrast. I will google on exactly where this is so I can see it for myself. :)

    Happy weekend.

  2. hee hee....Very clever, Carolyn!
    «Louis» had been hoping you would include this building in your blog posts at some point. «Louis» is often critical of modern architecture, but this building has some very fine details. The rotunda is quite nice - especially the way it opens up to the plaza between the building and Broadway. The post 9/11 security measures prohibit us from taking photos of the rotunda, and (as you no doubt know) the bridge between the two buildings was closed to the public.

  3. Love your post title, and the photo ain't bad either!

  4. That's a very cool bridge! I like the rest of the photo too, lots going on!

  5. This is a fantastic photo, the blueish colour is set off well with the sandstone of the front building. Clever use of a "bridge" too.
    Nice blog too.
    Melbourne Daily Photo