Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Mural: PG&E gallery

There is a PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Co.) substation at Shattuck Avenue and 51st St. that is surrounded by a massive concrete wall.  A few years ago the local merchants association, with the utility's cooperation, had local art students paint small murals in the wall's recesses.  Now the wall looks like a gallery rather than a prison wall.  Here's only one of the many paintings in this "gallery."


  1. Interesting set of boobs! hahahaha

  2. Good idea, I like this mural art.

  3. Seeing (on your blog) how the whole city gets involved in putting up wall murals, I'm getting the picture that Oakland is a much more sophisticated city that I'd thought (sorry 'bout that). Good for PG&E. Good for the artists. Good for Oakland. Yay.