Thursday, February 21, 2013

pounding mochi

The Oakland Museum presented a multi-faceted celebration for the Lunar New Year.  There were many activities for children, Chinese dances, calligraphy and ichibana demonstrations, taiko drummers, and this mochi pounding ceremony.  Happy Lunar New Year to all.


  1. Happy Lunar New Year to you also, a wonderfully vibrant image to celebrate and I think multi generation participation in the mochi pounding ceremony!

  2. That's a cheerful picture ! Must have been fun to watch !

  3. Mochi pounding? That's a new one to me. Looks like a fun celebration.

  4. Fascinating photo...what fun! By the way, I wanted to address your comment about the cotton growing in the desert. Cotton was an important crop to quite a few cultures from very early in history. Mexico and Central and South America grew cotton that was used extensively by the early civilizations...the trick in arid environments was to irrigate which was done quite a bit here as well in those early times. Not much cotton is found around here anymore, but it is still grown. Irrigation is much less extensive now than it was then because it's more expensive to pull off. That would be my guess. When a whole village was involved in digging the ditches from the water sources then it could be done. Now, we all have lives. :-)

  5. Interesting tradition.

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