Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Mural: Inter-Tribal House

The Inter-Tribal Friendship House has this wonderful mural in their parking lot.  The IHF was established in 1955 as one of the first urban American Indian community centers in the nation.  Once again I was shooting over a chain-link fence to get an image.  I tried to crop out the junk that has been piled up against the wall, but you can see I wasn't too successful.  Still, the dignity of the mural spoke to me.

If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme's for you.  Just follow the Linky steps below.  You get to decide what constitutes a mural.  Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters.  Looking forward to the mural finds posted this week.


  1. What a shame to have all that junk there but I do think you captured the essence of the mural!

  2. The rubbish doesn't detract from the beautiful mural.

  3. Great mural. I usually find cars parked in front of a mural I want to photograph. Yes a shame about the junk, but worth taking all the same.

  4. nice catch

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  5. Great mural and too bad about the junk. As you say, the work speaks for itself even through the rubbish around it.
    Thanks for hosting.

  6. I like your mural very much, the rubbish is often around, because the murals are always in the public area. You can't avoid it.

  7. Real strong mural. Pity the mural is a little disguised. It deserves better.

  8. Wonderful mural, but there is nothing to be done about the junk!

  9. Boas noites:( en mi lengua galaica)
    Good night:
    Supongo que el mural ennoblece el lugar aunque éste, a su vez, se encuentra denostado por quienes declinan poner las basuras en otro sitio, bien porque no sepan, no quieran o por desidia.
    Me gustan tus entradas de "los lunes Mural". Como en la película española rodada en la ciudad de Vigo, en Galicia, "Los lunes al sol".
    Me gusta esa ciudad donde se refleja la calidad de las gentes, sus gentes por medio de artistas que van embelleciendo aquellos sitios que no son agradables; debéis ser muchos con capacidad artística y muy motivados.
    Un mural, una pintura homenaje a esos pueblos que poblaron las tierras de lo que hoy es Estados Unidos, pero que paradójicamente se encuentran arrinconados tras kilos de basura. Toda una metáfora tu fotografía y eso me resulta, en cierta manera, algo deprimente. Falta de sensibilidad o el autor de la obra muralista no había encontrado otro sitio mejor.
    En todo caso, o en cualquiera, me alegro haber pasado por aquí un día y que hoy con más tiempo repita mi visita. Ahora será mucho más a menudo para leer tus palabras, para ver tus fotos y para comentar, desde más allá del océano Atlántico, algo que nos anima a seguir escribiendo.
    I guess the mural ennobles the place although this, in turn, is reviled by those who decline to put the garbage elsewhere, either because they do not know, do not want or neglect.
    I like your entries "on Monday Mural". As in the Spanish movie filmed in the city of Vigo, my old city and beautiful, in Galicia, "Los lunes al sol".
    I like that city which reflects the quality of the people, their people by artists ranging beautifying those sites which are not pleasant, must be many with artistic ability and highly motivated.
    A mural, a painting tribute to those peoples who inhabited the lands of what is now the United States, but paradoxically they are cornered after kilos of garbage. All a metaphor your picture and I is, in a way, kind of depressing. Lack of awareness or the author of the book had found muralist better place.
    In any case, or any, I'm glad we stopped by one day and more time now repeat my visit. Now it will be much more often to read your words, to see your photos and to comment, from across the Atlantic Ocean, which encourages us to continue writing.
    ...More or less... :)´
    A brief greeting:
    Health, Freedom and mountain
    Beato Darzádegos.

  10. Great work can often be found in grimy places, right?

  11. That's a wonderful mural!

  12. They look rather alien and remind me of some Navajo images. The dignity is a bit spoiled by having a dumpster placed before them.

  13. A great find. Love the faces, it's something different.

  14. Ah the joy of shooting murals in parking lots. I agree, it is very dignified, just wish it was more appreciated and less of a spot to stack junk.

  15. Love this one too. Glad I didn't miss it.