Tuesday, July 9, 2013

girls and guitars

Who can resist an aqua Stratocaster?
Meet 2/5 of Rita Lackey and Friends.  They are an all female R&B band that had people up and dancing in the street this weekend at the Temescal Street Fair.  Rita sings and plays keyboard but I did not get a good shot of her.  Sorry, girl.  Wish I played an instrument.


  1. Go ladies! Me too ODP, I always fancied playing the big bass guitar..ah well now I just enjoy listening to it played better than I probably ever could :)

  2. Girls playing guitars, can't get much sexier than that without breaking the law.

  3. Here you can not hear the music, but if it was as attractive as them, I guess it's worth listening to.
    The photos reflect very well the situation and find well captured gestures, the concentration and the smile you can see in your snapshots.
    Brief greetings :]´

  4. Dancing in the streets is always a sign of a good band!

  5. I've organized the Temescal Street Fair for a decade and always put women on the stage where they belong! Thanks for the great photos!