Thursday, October 10, 2013

train to nowhere

I had no idea that there was an Amtrak repair barn in Oakland.  This isn't too far from Jack London Square.  It was amusing to see an engine driving into a building.  There was a little cognitive dissonance going on until I figured out what I was seeing.


  1. Me encantan las máquinas locomotoras.
    A ese volkswagen le hace falta un pulido de los faros.
    Aquí, hacia el barrio de San Fermín o en Canillas, siempre
    hubo grandes hangares de reparación de locomotoras y vagones.
    3Breves saludos :|´

  2. It looks very impressive. The big ego's of american transport just on the street like an ordinary tram.

  3. Sort of an out-of-track experience.

    I'm watching the A's - Tigers game as I write this. Turn it up! I'm rooting for Oakland because they have the most colorful uniforms in the playoffs, although I do like my red best of all.