Wednesday, January 29, 2014

chopped Chevy

I wish I had asked the owner more about this car.  I have no idea if this is an original design or it has been modified to cultivate a cool look.  Taken when there were leaves on the trees.  Linked to ABC Wednesday.


  1. Modified or's definitely cool!!!

  2. That is a very pretty old Chevy! She looks like a survivor, a vehicle that has seen use all it life and been repaired along the way but without any major modifications. The surface rust is in all the natural and common places, the skirts are replacements as is the nice hinged visor but they are meant for this vehicle,Stock hubcaps & the side mirror is not a stock replacement but heck, it works, same seat "covers" we all use in California Chevys while they are in progress or sometimes forever!
    I love everything about this wagon. BTW it is a 1947/48 Chevrolet Suburban. We used to own a '48 Sedan Delivery!
    Wonderful Choice for the letter "C"!

  3. I can see myself rattling down Avenue de Paris in this!

  4. Me encantan esos viejos coches vuestros...
    Yo tengo uno, de estilo estadounidense pues siempre me ha gustado
    el diseño que se da por ahí. Un Azera, y se viaja como en una alfombra
    Con gran potencia...Todo un "haiga" ibérico... :))´ Además disfruto de otro que también empleo,
    un Camaro amarillo, aunque éste si que consume...
    Los coches estilo europeo están muy bien y son de gran calidad; pero, tal vez, por la estética
    me gusta más el diseño que siempre se fabricó en vuestro continente, de norte a sur.
    Por otro lado, los vehículos deberían ser todos, cómo ahí principalmente, automáticos. Los de
    embrague y cambio manual son una atraso, pero es lo que se los fabricantes proponen, un timo.
    La Chevrolet (HHR) hizo hace unos años una réplica de este modelo, pero aquí se vendieron
    pocos ya que consumen mucho y son poco utilizados; no así el PT Cruiser de Chrysler del que sí se han vendido
    Breves saludos, nos vemos con calma
    *Deica entón

    (*en lengua galaica, mi lengua principal, de las cuatro que empleo)

  5. Think it is called the Rat look, seems a waste of a car to me doing this but hey what ever

  6. A sun visor over the windshield and white wall tires, this is definitely an oldie.

  7. Looks like the car can still use some paint but what a nice design. A comic book car for sure.

  8. Now this is a car that's seen life ODP :)

  9. That is a great find. I love it just like it is.

  10. Oh that's a cool car! I want to take a ride in it.

  11. Would this be the chevy that Don McClean sang about in American Pie?
    Denise ABC Team

  12. Regardless, pretty cool. I want to ride around in it to see all of your murals. Janis of Southern CA featured a car, too!

  13. Uberhund pretty much covered it. These were all options available during that time period including the eyebrow headlamp rings. The owner has lowered it all around but the best thing that he's done was leaving the natural patina intact. I just hope he left the six cylinder engine in it and not stuffed a V-8 under the hood. Awesome find Carolyn.

  14. Fantastic vintage car. I love them. Greetings.

  15. Love the Character of the Chopped Chevy.

  16. Hard to tell. But, there are folks who love cars like this. I'm not a car guy. I drive an 11 year old car, but I take care of it so it looks relatively new. Since it fits me nicely and drives smoothly, I am not thinking about a replacement.