Tuesday, April 21, 2015

why the drawbridge went up

I'm usually amused when I see why a drawbridge has gone up.  Small sailboats like this, with their not so tall masts, have a lot of power while tootling along the estuary.  This is the Fruitvale Bridge which also has a railroad track section that can be be lowered when a train wants to cross the estuary.  (Visible at the top of the photo).  Versatile bridge, no?


  1. She's a beauty!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  2. Funny the two different ways to open two bridges on the same place and yes even the greatest bridge goes open by a small boat but sometimes here in holland this kinds of boats have to strike their masts to pass under on rush hour otherwise have to wait for hours until it is over.

  3. Quite a different way to elevate the bridge. We have a bridge here on our canal that does the same, but instead of going up at a steep angle, one section of it is thrust up straight by lifts, allowing for taller boats to go through.

  4. I love watching bridges that do this. London's Tower bridge is especially fun to watch open to let tall ships pass through