Saturday, October 31, 2015

Theme Day: ephemeral

A little known law of physics is that time speeds up the older you get.  This month's City Daily Photo theme has me reflecting on the shortness of life and the imperative to live it the best you can.  In the end, all things are ephemeral, even the universe itself.  It all depends on your metric.  Linked to City Daily Photo.  This photo was taken a year ago, before the cemetery, in a bow to the drought, turned off the sprinklers.  If you visited this spot today, you'd find the lawn is brown. Brown is the new green.


  1. Happy El Dia De Los Muertos ?

    ALOHA, Friend


  2. Well you got me to thinking this morning...not that I haven't already given what you wrote a lot of thought already. You should get a today photo of the same scene for a comparison.

  3. Your post is most thoughtful. I guess I have reached the point at which life is moving fast. I choose to focus on how much I might still be able to enjoy before I join those folks.

  4. I love to walk through old cemeteries and study what is written on the very old tombstones. Stonewall Jackson and his family are buried here is our old Stonewall Jackson Cemetery so I have no shortage of old sites to visit, With all of green trees and winding walks yours is very pretty.

  5. Excellent theme day post ODP, with the things that have happened in my family lately I nearly went down this road too.

  6. How sad that everything is now brown! I hope the weather improves SOON!