Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1-Day Service

There's still a cleaners operating under this vintage neon sign on Piedmont Avenue.  Not the original business mind you, but at least they saved the sign.  The neon would be prettier taken at night but the wind and rain abated only for a couple of hours and has now driven me indoors.


  1. A rare first comment! A worthwile shot. I wonder why French? It's not a connection we have in the UK. French polishing, French skipping, French dressing, French leave, French doors and even French drains, but not French cleaning, at least as far as I remember. Perhaps a marketing ploy?

  2. Lol @ James Mark! French dressing and French door at least I know why!

  3. James--Let's not forget French sleeves, French seams, French maids, and the tres chic, tres cher restaurant in the Napa Valley called the French Laundry. As for French cleaners, they used to be everywhere but I have no idea whether they did anything special. They always sounded like places you should take your fine linen tablecloths for cleaning and pressing. So you're probably right--marketing! BTW, what is French skipping?

  4. French skipping is also called elastics. You need to see a picture:


    I'm not sure what the rules are, but you could try this:


    It's a popular playground activity with various levels of difficulty.

    Enjoy - start a trend in CA!