Thursday, January 28, 2010

street eats

Taco trucks like this dot many corners in East Oakland, especially on International Blvd.  For a buck and a quarter you get a tasty taco with radishes and pickled carrots on the side.  Crowds gather at lunch time.  This truck claims to be the first (1985) in Oakland.  After taking this photo I was feeling a little peckish.  My taco de carne asada was very tasty.


  1. great shot of a specialty truck. We have them by work - but it's all sorts of grilled food, and they make the best soups, chicken, beef, meatball with chunky vegetables - I can't match the taste with homemade.

  2. A nice variety from the ordinary hot-dog stand. Maybe we should get some too.

    Thank you for the comment - the photo was from Greece in October 2008.

  3. Nice shot of a smart truck. Does anyone do detailed scale models?

  4. hee hee - A "Roach Coach".
    «Louis» saw one stopping at a construction site on Fifth Street in Berkeley recently. The horns on the "Roach Coach" play a tune when it arrives to call customers. The tune this one was playing was, «Louis» kids you not, "La Cucaracha"!

    Re your comment at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo, «Louis» lived in Paris for a while and wrote his first blog from Paris. When he started this blog, he put it on Paris time, though he lives in the East Bay. «Louis» has another French connection in that his mother's family originated in Normandie.

  5. Heh - roachcoach- wish we had it here! International Blvd is East 14th?

  6. Qué bueno, el gentilicio "zamorano" hace referencia a la ciudad de Zamora, en la comunidad autónoma de Castilla-León, en la península Ibérica; un apellido, tal vez, extendido por ahí.
    Sí, dan ganas de tomarse uno de esos :)´