Sunday, January 24, 2010

detail on City Hall

This is one of the graceful details on our City Hall.  This frieze celebrates California's agricultural abundance.


  1. That's a very nice photo of the lovely frieze!

  2. Hi, Carolyn. Thanks for your comment and signing up to follow St. Louis Daily Photo. Any blogger who quotes Gertrude Stein in her header is a friend of mine. Besides, you and my wife have the same name.

    The frieze reflects a stlye of American civic architecture from a certain era. I can see this on a university or government building in Chicago, New York or Boston. Presenting the foliage in stone hardens the leaves or softens the granite, I'm not sure which. Interesting observation.

  3. Nice detail from this handsome building. The modern "stacked ice cube tray" school of architecture just can't compare with buildings from the era when the Oakland City Hall was built. An exception is the nearby Federal building on Clay. The lobby and the way it opens to the plaza on the north-south axis is really splendid.