Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ABC Wednesday: R is for Rockridge

Rockridge is an upscale neighborhood in North Oakland.  The Rockridge BART (our metro) station is on College Avenue which runs all the way to the UC campus in Berkeley.  This line takes you directly to downtown San Francisco and the airport without having to change trains.  This station is in the thick of a residential neighborhood along with restaurants, coffee shops, and all kinds of retail shops.  For more "R" photos from around the world, visit ABC Wednesday.


  1. You must have waited a long time to get just one person placed it the escalator like that. Well done!

    PS thank you for the nice comment :-)

  2. Or it's very late or very early. But it's a great shot.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Looks like a calm day there but I bet it is normally crowded.Wonderful shot!

  4. Is it from the 30's? Or just designed to look that way?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Donna - ABC Wednesday

  5. And let's applaud the traveler for walking the stairs instead of using the escalator for a very short trip.

  6. Shame on me, I never knew there was a metro system there! Rockridge is a good R post.

  7. Sounds like Oakland has been planned well! I think Toronto could learn a thing or two. :)