Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oakland Warriors parade

Yesterday was the parade and rally for the Warriors' NBA championship.  It was an intense yet mellow experience considering more than a half million people showed up to celebrate.
Drat, Steph Curry just would not turn towards me, so this is the best I could do.  Note the championship trophy at his left hand.
Steve Kerr, the brilliant rookie coach (although he owns 5 NBA championship rings from his playing days) did turn my way.  His speech at the rally was the best of all.  Oakland is bursting with pride at the Warrior's accomplishment.  Now, if they would only decide to stay in Oakland.  I guess 40 years of devoted fandom isn't enough to keep the owners from looking elsewhere.


  1. What a wonderful celebration for the team and the city. I enjoyed watching the game. Curry is really something, isn't he?!

  2. Congrats ODP, always good to be on the winning team!

  3. Nice celebration. They played well.