Friday, June 5, 2015

Warriors make it to the Finals!!

In case you were wondering, the Warriors won the Playoffs and are champions of the Western Conference of the NBA.  This is their first division championship since 1975!  Is Oakland excited?  Oh, just a little.

Yesterday was the first game of the Finals; they played the Cleveland Cavaliers (who won the Eastern Conference) which has the great LeBron James.  The Dubs got off to a rocky start but the game soon turned into a neck and neck heart stopper.  In the last seconds the Warriors tied the score and the game went into overtime.  In those extra 5 minutes the Dubs found their A-game and won 108 to 100.  19,000 fans were screaming in happiness and relief.  They only need to win three more games to become the NBA national champions.  OMG, it seems so possible.  For my Aussie friends, your countryman Andrew Bogut is a pivotal player on the Warriors and is amazing to watch as he defends the basket.  Next game is Sunday night here in Oakland.  Go Warriors!!

p.s.  This photo is a grab shot from my television.


  1. This is great! All the way for the Dubs!

  2. As a basketball fan, I think the Dubs have been the best team this year and they deserve to win the championship.

    Go Dubs!!