Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oakland's castle

Downtown Oakland still has an amazing number of its old-time buildings.  So much so that I've often wondered why Hollywood hasn't used it more for period movies.  Here's one, probably from the 30s, still holding onto its original sign.  I'm guessing it's now a strictly residential hotel.  One day I'll check out the entrance and lobby.


  1. Looks pretty well-maintained too. I like the paint job.

  2. Cool old building, and great that the original sign is intact. I'd like to see the inside. I'm typing this and enjoying the NBA finals. Still early in the game, but Golden State looks likely to take game 4 and tie things up.

  3. From the 30's, how wonderful, just love that the sign survived! Yes please ODP, would love to see the entrance and lobby :)