Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grand Avenue church

This Seventh-day Adventist church is located on Grand Avenue very near the Lake.  I could find no information about when the church was built.  I liked the shadows cast by the afternoon sun.


  1. I like the contrast against the blue sky.

  2. Nice geometrical shot, Carolyn - and as Señorita wrote, the contrast of the sky against the building is nice.

  3. Wonderful perspective on the church. It looks like a late 50's/early 60's are right about not finding anything on the building - and I pride myself on being a good Googler.
    Their website shows that it's quite an extraordinary place of worship.
    The trailer for the movie on the church is quite inspirational too -

    RE how I post my photos: I leaned from Rob from Minneapolis to take the photos in the highest resolution possible (Largest & finest settings) - then I load directly into blogger selecting Large, and Blogger reduces the size of the file automatically. The LARGE load for my template gives me a mid-sized photo. Then I delete the height and width parameters, and change the S400 to S640 to get the JetBlue size. BTW the flight that I took on the photographed JetBlue from Long Beach was to Oakland :)

  4. Those patterned concrete blocks always scream 1960s to me.

    I like the trees' shadows too.

  5. Yes for the shadows! Mmm for the building - but a nice shot!