Friday, March 5, 2010

Skywatch Friday: flying Desotos

This photo is brought to you courtesy of those wacky guys at Automania.  I'm pretty sure they're all Desotos parked in a row eight feet above the sidewalk.  This partially blue sky was around earlier in the day; but it's now gray and threatening rain.  So it seems to go recently.  We still need the rain, so I'm not complaining.  For more (and better) Skywatch photos, click here.


  1. Another useful shot. I haven't got into this kind of urban realism yet - no doubt something will catch my eye and get me started. Thanks once again for visiting York.

  2. Great perspective (ps beware of the above commentator)

  3. Oh that's funny - nice picture - and many other nice pics on your blog. Thanks for sharing - we enjoyed looking around : )
    Darryl and Ruth

  4. Well, Carolyn, you are 1/3rd right. ;-)
    Left to right, we have a Lincoln. «Louis» isn't sure of the year, but it is a '58, '59 or '60. «Louis» is leaning toward '59 for it. In the center is your DeSoto - a '56. On the right is a '61 Cadillac.

    Check out «Louis's» new coffee website.