Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mills College campanile

 This bell tower was designed by Julia Morgan in 1904.  It is the first reinforced concrete structure built west of the Mississippi.  It sits on the 135 acre campus of Mills College, the oldest women's college west of the Rockies, and a true oasis in its urban setting.  This campus is located in the middle of Oakland, bordered on the east by the 580 freeway.  It is a verdant setting full of redwoods, eucalyptus, pine, and laurel trees.  Lion creek runs through the campus on its way to the bay.  Many of the buildings are in the Spanish style with stucco walls, terra cotta tiled roofs, and wrought iron accents.  The art museum is open free to the public.


  1. Wow, I forgot about this place. That's a nice looking bell tower. Have been to the museum?

  2. «Louis» didn't know Julia Morgan designed the bell tower.She also designed a clinic now used by Kaiser Hospital on the east side of Broadway between MacArthur and 40th.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful campus! The bell tower is beautiful too. Does it still work?