Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grand Lake Theater

The sign mounted on top of the Grand Lake Theater is the largest rotary contact sign west of the Mississippi River. It measures 52 feet high by 72 feet wide and consists of 2,800 colored bulbs and was designed by Theodore Wetteland. The firing sequence is controlled by a device much like a music box. The sign is typically lit Friday and Saturday, from dusk until the start of the last show of the night.  The display goes through two sequences, one with red lettering, and includes a simulation of fireworks.  It's an eye catching display, to be sure.


  1. I drove by this theater a couple of times for my job interview during the day. But by night it looks spectacular !

  2. Indeed, it is spectacular and it lights up the entire neighborhood. It is a joyous reminder of a more innocent and optimistic time in our country.

  3. Thanks for this one! The sign would make a good video. I got to go up on the roof and see it when it was being restored - lots of relays for all those bulbs, no computers!