Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ABC Wednesday: U is for ubiquitous

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  1. For years I avoided them, wanting to give the independents my business. Then I was given a gift card. Well I couldn't just throw it away could I? What I came to learn that no matter what Starbucks you go to, you knew you were going to walk out the door with exactly the same thing tasting just like you come to expect it to every time. With other places it was always a crap shoot depending on who was working that day. So if you like a mystery each time with your coffee drink, the independents are the way to go. At home I always brew my Peets.

  2. I like their music, even though I don't drink coffee.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. It's a real treat around here, way too expensive coffee, nice atmosphere.
    Happy ABC!

    U is for...

  4. Great shot. I love how you captured the light and sun reflecting on the side of the building.

  5. hee hee...
    Ubiquitous, indeed! And this one is right across the street from Gaylord's.
    (Try Gaylord's ice cream latte sometime when you feel self-indulgent...)

  6. I agree with Sinbad that the taste is always the way I expect it to be. Only go when I'm given a gift card, it's just too expensive.
    Your photo is great I love all the textures and colors.

  7. My computer connection is a bit slow today so I got the title first, and then waited for the reveal of the photo. Good choice of word, and photo.

  8. I just finished a trip in Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland and had Starbucks coffee in each, just about every day! That's the good life!