Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Mural: Virgin de Guadalupe

Today is the feast day of La Virgin de Guadalupe, an icon so important to Mexican culture.  This mural was done with glass mosaic tesserae, possibly under the guidance of the nearby Institute of Mosaic Art, on a mural wall in Jingletown.  Check out links to other murals posted today here, here, and here.


  1. real art- real devotion

    Aloha from Waikiki

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  2. A lovely mosaic of La Virgin de Guadalupe, and nice that the devoted have left flowers for her. [I posted a mural today, too.]

  3. I have no artist skills. I wonder if tesserae is more of a challenge than paint. I also have my mural posted today.
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  4. This one is beautiful. I like all the stars around her,too.
    Now I am going to look up Guadalupe and tesserae.
    My mural is up, too.

  5. That is an impressive piece. I like it better than the painted murals. And yes, the stars are an added bonus.

  6. Nice picture! I know that spot :-)

  7. Nice. You have shown wonderful tile work before. As Sinbad says, I like it better than the painted murals.

  8. The V d G is ubiquitous throughout Hispanic America. Although we have a pretty small Latino population, for a long time somebody bought a lot of those advertising signs on taxi roofs that said Virgin of Guadeloupe, Empress of All The Americas. Bizarre. This one looks like it might have been designed by the Grateful Dead's sign painter.

  9. The mural has no connection with the Institute of Mosaic Art. Kim Larson, mosaicist extraordinaire designed and executed the piece as part of the Community Wall Project. Her outstanding work can be seen on her blog and web site. See Kim Larson Art.