Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breuner's Deco building

The Breuner Furniture Company went out of business several years ago but their corporate building lives on at 22nd and Broadway.   It has a monolithic, looming quality, but the deco friezes are wonderful.  You tend not to notice them unless you're across the street.  Too bad it's painted this boring grey-green color.   I was tromping all over downtown and didn't have the presence of mind to go inside and see if there are any deco grace notes within.  Next time.


  1. The Déco buildings all over the world are always solid looking and with beautiful details!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. «Louis» is loving this Art Deco series you are doing!

  3. O perfect, the sign is so deco, and you got the whole building, too. I think the color is original.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  4. I like going to your blog because I learn so much about Oakland (where I work for 10 years now). I pass by all these buildings/sites and I take photos but never really get to learn about them. Until now.


  5. When you come back to the Breuner Building I hope you'll visit the "lower level" (aka basement) and visit the California Genealogical Society Library. I've written a little of the building's history on our blog.

  6. Hi Carolyn, I hear that you are interested in attend the Mountain View cemetery tour that California Genealogical Society is sponsoring on March 24. To register for this free tour with us, please send me your name and phone number to events@californiaancestors.org. I'll send you the details on where and when to meet the group.

    Tim Cox
    Events Coordinator
    California Genealogical Society Library