Monday, February 8, 2010

more Deco in downtown

This green and black Art Deco building is downtown at Webster and 14th St.  (Thanks to «Louis la Vache», who recently spotted it and passed on the location).  I admit this is not an exciting photo but it gives a feel of the corner site and the size of the building.  What I found puzzling is that the corner doorway is the logical entrance yet is completely tiled up with what looks like original black trim tile.  The colorful awnings draw attention to the building but don't enhance it.

Usually downtown is deserted on Sundays.  The exception seemed to be this cafe which features New Orleans-style food.  There are lots of Louisiana natives living in the Bay Area some of whom came here to watch the Super Bowl and cheer on the Saints.  And the Saints gave them something to cheer about!


  1. I wouldn't have thought it was an Art Deco building if you didn't point it out. It was only then that I noticed the details. I got distracted by the colorful awnings!

  2. «Louis» was also puzzled by the tiled-up doorway, and he certainly agrees the awnings (at least in this style) seem out of place on this building. Those awnings would be fine on a contemporary building, but they don't work against the Art Deco façade of the building they are on!

  3. That is such a gorgeous building - I don't think the bright-colored awnings add anything to it though. Bravo! More, more!
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