Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a little bit of Paris in Oakland

This is the memorial fountain in Latham Square where Telegraph Avenue joins Broadway.  Erected in 1913, with the putti and floral swags it reminds me a little of Parisian monuments.  Well, okay, maybe if you squint real hard and have the sun in your eyes.


  1. You aren't the only one...This monument reminds «Louis» of Paris, too - as long as you look at the monument and not the surrounding buildings which have not the faintest resemblance to Paris!

    Re your question about the crab: «Louis» doesn't have another recommendation. Seafood of any description makes him sick...

    Ash Wednesday

  2. Oh I think it is a lovely fountain, wherever it is! I wonder when it last was working.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  3. Those kids are being exploited; I'm surprised no-one has complained.

    Re; the arms in JorvikDailyPhoto, it refers to the coat of arms, the badge or shield on the pub. These go back to knights who needed some form of indentification on the battlefield, as their armour covered most of the body.

  4. Anything that looks like Paris is OK with me :-)

  5. It's beautiful and, yes, it could be Paris! :-)

  6. I shot a picture with cell phone and cut off the date. Thanks for making my FB post complete. I give you credit.