Wednesday, February 24, 2010

coffee and billiards

Spotted on International near 13th Avenue.  An amusing combination, to say the least.  What's next?  Perhaps "Donuts and Tattoos."  Your suggestions?


  1. I've seen a number of signs like this in places like West Virginia. My favorites? Pawn shop & Snack bar and Beauty salon & Quilting supplies. Makes sense to someone out there.

  2. hee hee
    Complain about the coffee and get whacked upside the head with a billiard cue!

  3. There's the old "Chicken and Doughnuts" place in Yuba, but somehow our own Three Rivers wins on unappetizing for "giblets and burgers". But that's not the name of a place, just a menu!
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  4. Mmm … can't think of any bizarre commercial contrasts, though I must surely have seen some.

  5. I'd like to see a barber shop added.